My Name Is Jack

sp-studio copy

And I love WordPress. There are many Platforms out there like it but WordPress is by far the most User Friendly and elegant solution to a CMS you’ll find on the Market.

It’s also Free. In this modern age of proprietary tech and corporate secrecy to find something so powerful and so damn useful being given away and developed for free is wonderful.

Why WordPress?


Well, it can do so many things. Originally it started life as a Blogging Platform (and very good it was too) but people started to use if for a host of different things and before long the functionality was extended and more and more people and Development Agencies began to create Plugins to make it do all sorts.

It’s also so very User Friendly and Intuitive. Yes there’s an initial Learning Curve but once you’re over the hump you can get to work with it pretty quickly.

There are so many online resources, text and video, to help with learning the finer points of the Application and I’m always an email away if you need help.

Who is For?


I am a creative person; a Musician, Web Nerd, Photographer and general Geek.

I want to work with and build sites for like-minded people, groups and businesses.

If you’re a Band/Musician, Photographer/Film Maker, Model/Performer, Tattooist, Venue or provider of Services to Creative people then get in touch and let’s see if we can work together to build you something great.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that if you’re not in the Creative Sphere I won’t work with you!

If you’re a Law Firm, a Non-Profit, a Hardware Store, Hairdresser or a Pet Shop (or anything really) you’re more than welcome to get in touch so we can discuss what you need. 🙂

So what services do I actually offer you?


I would describe myself as a WordPress Construction Engineer. 😀 (With a little bit of Painting and Decorating on the side…)

I could list lots of Features and Shiny things that I’ll do to make your site but you only care about the Benefits to you and that’s how it should be.

You’re most likely concerned with things like:

  • Good SEO – Positioning your site so that Google and the other Search Engines will notice it
  • Being Mobile First – Making sure that your Site will display and function properly on Phones and Tablets as well as Desktops
  • Being Easy To Contact – Making sure that your site provides a way for your Fans or Customers to Contact you
  • Having a Site that’s easy to Navigate – Good Information Architecture is vital, it makes your site easy for both Human and Robot visitors to read
  • Being “On Brand” – Sorry for the Buzzword but it’s vital that your Site both Looks and Feels like an extension of You and any Real World materials you already have

There will surely be more things that are important to you and we can discuss all of these as we move forward.

So, if you’re interested in starting a Project with me then please feel free to Contact Me and let’s talk 😀