Monthly Maintenance Retainer

From time to time you’ll need Tech Support and help with Content Management for your Site. You can either do it “by the hour” for £20p/h or you can take out a Monthly Maintenance Retainer for peace of mind.

How Much?

The Monthly Fee is £200p/m. Now, I appreciate that this may seem like a lot of cash but it’s about Peace of Mind.

The Monthly Maintenance Retainer is effectively buying a full day of my time (10 hours of Tech Support, Content Formatting/Insertion, Teaching and Guidance on how to best use your Site). You can use it all or just use some of it but it’s there if you need it.


As it’s done through Paypal you can manage your cancellation as and when you need to. The longer you spend using your Site and learning how WordPress works the more you can relax into being a site owner and the less you’ll need the Monthly Maintenance Retainer 🙂

I will of course still be available once you’ve got the hang of WordPress and no longer need the Monthly safety net for my Hourly Rate of £20.

If you’re ready to go then click on the button below and you’re covered!