E-Commerce Sites

You & Your Sales

These days there are plenty of sites available to Musicians like you that provide services wherein you can make your Music and Merch available to your Fans. They all have global reach and their support is great but these all come at a price: literally.

Ownership Of Rights & Profits

You have to sign over a chunk of your profits to them for the use of their services. Furthermore you’re usually myband.companysite.com which isn’t great for your brand. It would be better for you to be myband.com and have links to other places where people can find you on your own branded site.

Using Woocommerce I will build into your site and configure a fully featured Store for you to sell your Music and Merch. You can sell Physical CD’s and Downloads, Clothing and anything else you choose.

It is designed to work with Paypal and other Payment Gateways and methods so you’ve got choices available to you. I personally side with Paypal, they’re the established giants of the game.

Store Features

Woocommerce comes with a host of features; you can sell a Single Product or have a whole catalogue of products on your site. It has WordPress Widgets to highlight things like Popular Sellers, Cross Selling opportunities and much more. You can add these features into the Sidebar or Footer of your site or you can create a completely separate Page or Post and embed the feature in there using Shortcodes (little lines of code that copy and paste into a Page or Post that output rich content. Very powerful stuff!).

It is a complex thing to configure; there are plenty of options to manage and different permutations of product architecture but we’ll arrive at that together so it makes perfect sense to you and your fans/customers.

E-Commerce Sites