Rain May Fall Site

Rain May Fall

**Edit: Sadly this band is no longer together so I pulled the site down. The Screenshot below no longer links to the site **

A Liverpool based, groove oriented band for whom the Riff is king! Big guitars and midtempo hooks married to a classic Metal ethos meant that this site could be none-more-black. 🙂

Using a custom Font in white to give it a grand Gothic typeface on the black background and Purple for the body text on the Content which is in keeping with the colour scheme featured in some of the band’s artwork meant that I could get really old school Metal on this one.

The site features News, Gallery, Music and Video Categories, an Events Calendar, a customisable Contact Form, a Biography Page and a Store for the band to sell their Music and Merch.

You can also see here WordPress handling youtube Video embeds quite happily. There’s also a Facebook and Twitter Feed Widget connecting the site to the band’s Social Networks.


Rain May Fall Site