– New Site Created Health & Safety Compliance Company

SHEQSite is a Professional Business site designed to provide information on Services offered related to both Training and Licensing in the Health and Safety Legislation area.



This site required the Sourcing and Editing of a number of thematically Relevant images for the Section Headers and the creation of several custom Header Files for the Theme and some “if/elseif” coding to make the Headers change appropriately.


All Text Content was supplied in very timely fashion by the Client and only required entering into the Editor and breaking up into more SEO friendly chunks.


The site has been optimised for SEO using an Industry Standard Plugin. As there are no Posts, WordPress‘ own Tagging system hasn’t come into play.


The Theme is a Child Theme with minimal CSS tweaks; the Logo is Client Supplied.

The Theme required the creation of a number of Section Specific Headers and a Page Template with Header Selection code to manage the required Headers. – New Site Created