Other Services

I Do More Things

As well as the WordPress Site Building I also do some Photography! Take a look at some of these:

I am available for a reasonable rate and can provide an Edit/Tweaking service as well as just “shoot your gig” and hand off the photos to you.

Voice Over

I am available for Voice Over work; I have a deep, calm voice that can convey authority, confidence and menace. I would like to do voice for characters in Games and Animation so if you have a need for it then please let me know.



I’ve been a Bassist for over 20(!) years and have played in a number of different bands across many different genres and styles. I am available for both Live and Studio work at reasonable rates.

Here is a video of me playing the Bass Line to Megadeth’s Wake Up Dead.


Here is a video of me playing my own Bass part to Autumn Leaves by Eva Cassidy.


Here’s a video of me playing the Bass part to Seven Days by Sting.


And you can view my other Music related Project at justtheriffs.com. A Digital Music Sheet Music transcription and Download Site.

If you’d like to make use of any of these services then please drop me a line and we can discuss it further.

Take ‘er Easy, Dude