Jack Randall - Education


I have spent many years teaching myself how to install, configure and extend WordPress; how to customise themes and configure plugins to get the most out of the platform; learning how to set up and manage databases and use cPanel to manage server fucntions.


Many years ago I taught myself to code using HTML and CSS, then moved on to learn some PHP before I realised that WordPress does all the heavy lifting. These skills have still come in handy in terms of customising and extending WordPress. I've also been teaching myself Twitter Bootstrap and have created this site using it as well as learning a few other CMS's and applications.

Photography and AV:

I have worked for several companies in the Audio Visual field over the years and learned from many talented and generous engineers who have shared their knowledge with me. In terms of Photography I used to work with a couple of very talented photographers who guided me in terms of technique and equipment.


I've been a bass player for over 20 years, self taught, and played in a variety of styles and genres. I am comfortable on stage or in the studio, a very quick learner of songs and a passable sight reader. I transcribe bass guitar music for my website justtheriffs.com using the Guitar Pro 6 application.


I've taught myself Image editing and tweaking using Photoshop, how to create vector graphics in Illustrator, how to create and edit both static and dynmaic sites, including WordPress themes, using Dreamweaver. As an AV Tech I've learned Powerpoint and Keynote and as a Musician I've become comfortable using Logic Pro 9 for recording.

Customer Service:

I've worked in Cinemas and Theatres meeting a vast cross section of people and dealing with event clients and celebrities, medical emergencies and evacuations. In Audio Visual work I've worked with government ministers, CEO's and other corporate entities delivering a quality service and teaching clients to manage the kit themselves.


Most of the things I know how to do I've either taught myself or learned in "on the job" situations.

I do have a few formal qualifications but they go way back into the past and aren't really relevant to my life now. If you're absolutely desperate to know then please feel free to ask. :D