Offline Content Creation

It’s Like Backing Up Before You Start

We’ve all been there: you’ve written thousands of words in the WordPress editor and you’re really happy with the end result and you go to Save it or Publish it and suddenly your site falls over!

All that time! All that work!!



Frustration at wordpress losing my work

How To Avoid Word-Rage

The solution to this is deceptively simple: write your content Offline first. I will personally write my longer pieces in TextEdit or some other app and then transfer the text over to the WordPress Editor once I’m happy and then begin formatting and uploading images to it and make regular saves (WordPress is pretty good at this saving thing for you anyway).

Dump the text in -> click Save Draft! Upload images -> click Save Draft!

Online Options

If you have a Google account then you can do this in the cloud too (other collaborative cloud platforms are available…). Create a Google Doc and write your copy in there; don’t worry about formatting things too much as some of that detail might get lost when you copy it over to the WordPress Editor (especially if you copy it into the Text Editor rather than the Visual Editor!).

Then just do the Dump-Click-Upload-Click method. Then at the VERY least you know that your text is in the Database and your Images and Media are in the Uploads folder where they belong. (plus you’ve got either an Offline or Online version of it to use as a backup should things go wrong! šŸ˜€ )

While it’s tempting to try and get everything done “in the Dashboard”, sometimes it’s just better to just do it long hand first and then shift it over when it’s ready. After all, you don’t just throw all the raw ingredientsĀ in the oven at the same time and expect it to cook right first time do you?

Offline Content Creation
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