Creating A Read More Link

Breaking The Content in WordPress

When you publish a post it automatically shows the whole thing on the homepage. You can tweak this by going to Settings -> Reading and towards the bottom of the page you’ll see For each article in a feed, show with two options:

  • Full Text
  • Summary

Now this is OK but there’s something else you can do in the actual post itself.

Using The “More” Feature

You can add a little bit of code in the Text Editor to make the post break at a specific point. The code look like this:


You can tweak this further still by adding in some custom text to lead the visitor; if the post is a gallery for example you can and the text “View More” to it so it’s more image specific. You do it like this:

<!––more View More––>

You can add whatever text you want to it.

In the Visual Editor

You can do this in the Visual Editor too. In fact it’s easier to do it there as there’s a button on the toolbar specifically for it.

Page Break Button in the Visual Editor
Page Break Button in the Visual Editor

You just position the cursor where you want the break to be, click the button and hey presto! If you want to customise the Read More text that gets displayed then you’ll need to switch over to the Text Editor and find the


tags and edit the contents there.

Be aware that some themes don’t automatically support this feature (which is nice).

Creating A Read More Link