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Your Customers and Fans are used to buying online any time of the day or night and your iKarra.com Site can cater to their needs with E-Commerce Features to suit all needs.

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Theming Your Site

ikarra.com wordpress sites theming services

We will work together to make sure that your site looks how you want it or matches any existing Branding you may use using WordPress Themes.

WordPress Themes are a very powerful way of totally owning your Site’s look and behaviour.

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Video Embedding

iKarra.com wordpress websites video embedding features

WordPress natively handles Video very well but there is scope to use Plugins to make it better. Video files can be very large though so we’ll discuss whether or not to host them on the site or somewhere like Youtube or Vimeo so you don’t eat up your bandwidth.

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Music Embedding

ikarra.com wordpress websites music features

If you’re a Musician or Band and we’re working on a site together you can host music and stream it on the site or you can use any of the major Streaming/Sharing platforms out there and embed their players into your site. This helps to manage your Bandwidth and also you get the benefits of using these other site’s tools and services.

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Social Media Integration

iKarra.com wordpress websites social media integration features

We can work together to make sure that your site is tightly integrated with your Social Media Networks and Streams so that your Customers or Fans can Interact with you and Share your Content on their own Networks.

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Events Features

ikarra.com wordpress websites events features

If you need to keep your Clients, Customers or Fans up to date with your latest Promotional Events or Performance Dates then we can assess how complex your needs are and integrate an Events Solution together.

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I look forward to working with you on your Site and hope to hear from you soon.

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