Benefits Of A WordPress Site

Benefits Of WordPress, Not Features…

benefits of a wordpress website by ikarra

You’re shopping around for a Website and you have a set of Criteria for what it has to do; you don’t care about which Plugin or Theme tweaks I’m going to use to get your site looking good and working well, you just need to know how Buying my Services is going to help YOU and the Business or Project you’re involved in.

I get that. As a tech nerd, like all tech nerds, sometimes I can get blinded by all the cool things I can do but that’s not what you’re interested in.

If you’re going to buy my Services to create your site then you have specific things that you’ll want to achieve with it. So, with that in mind, here are some of the Benefits you can get from both a WordPress site and from using me to create it for you…

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation)


In simple terms this means getting your site on Search Engines like Google (easily the King of them all), Bing and even Yahoo and more importantly, in front of potential Customers and Fans. WordPress does this pretty well by default but I will make tweaks to it and add in extra functionality to make it better at it.

Mobile Ready


This is a major thing in the current Online Landscape. In fact, this is so important that Google will actually penalise your site if it’s not Mobile Ready!

The good news is that most, (if not all) WordPress Themes are Mobile Ready by default; the Design and Development world has been ahead of the curve on this one for a while.

The vast majority of people these days are likely to access your Products, Music, Pictures or Services via their Phones or Tablets; this means that your site has to load quickly as well as look great and function as expected.

Ease Of Use


One of the really great things about WordPress is that once it’s set up it’s very easy for a Site Owner to Update Content if they want to. Of course, you can always outsource the Content Updating to me and I’ll charge at an hourly rate.

If we’re local to each other then I will give you a one on one overview of how to do things like Add Media, create Menus and other minor admin functions; when it comes to Updating the Core of WordPress and all of the bits that make it work I can either teach you how to do it so you have total ownership or again, I can do it for you at an hourly rate.

WordPress also has a very flexible Theme System that means we can make the site look and behave the way you want it to.

Quick To Set Up


If you need a site up on it’s feet very quickly then WordPress is the platform you need. I can deploy a site very quickly and then once it’s up we can work on the details together.

Even if you want to deploy a site at a more leisurely pace WordPress is for you. It can be Set Up and Configured very quickly and any changes that need making can be done easily and swiftly.


versatility of a wordpress site with

WordPress can be shaped into whatever you need. It can be a full E-Commerce Platform, a Social Network, a Legal or Professional Brochure/Services site, a Personal Blog/Hobby site, a site for your Band or your Photography or anything in between.


collocate on your wordpress site with

Together we can really get to the heart of what you need it to be and more importantly, what your site’s potential visitors need it to be.

For more interest please feel free to Contact Me.